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January 29th in Blog 0 Comments

ikan Offers VX9 HD-SDI Monitor



Ikan VX9

The new ikan VX9 monitor sports HD-SDI (which also transcodes to component out), HDMI, HD/SD component, composite and S-Video. Initial power options include compatibility with Sony (both ‘L’ series and BP-U), Canon, and Panasonic DV batteries, as well as Gold (or AB) and V Mount professional batteries. The VX9 has a resolution of 1024 x 600, with Blue Gun, Overs can, Under scan, Pixel to Pixel and Freeze Comparison (for split-picture comparison).

Key Features:
• HDMI, HD-SDI, Component and Composite inputs.
• Blue Plus
• 1024 x 600 resolution
• Multiple power options (Sony BP, Canon 900, Panasonic D, AB-Mount, V-Mount)

ikan has an early limited supply of the VX9, so orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The VX9 is priced at $1,149.00

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